Queer Author

My personal joy is to write fiction and therapeutic nonfiction with heartfelt queer representation. I am actively seeking literary agents for my upcoming transpositive sci-fi novel: Dioecy.

In 2020, I published ACT for Gender Identity: The Comprehensive Guide, the go-to-primer for implementing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with transgender and nonbinary clients.

The following are a selection of LGBTQ+ publications and anthologies I’ve had the honor to be a part of.

Nonbinary Memoirs of Gender and Identity

Edited by Micah Rajunov & Scott Duane, 2019, Columbia University Press

War Smoke Catharsis: A genderqueer true story exploring identity, sexual reassignment surgery, and revolution in Bangkok.


“In 2006 I sat in the window of the Baan Siri Rama Hotel, watching smoke pour over Bangkok’s jumbled power lines. A coup d’état had overthrown the Prime Minister, leaving him a country-less man far away at the U.N. summit. Leaderless, his party dissolved in favor of their own careers, yet his supporters had taken to motorcycle bombs. Behind me a dear friend lay in bed. I’d been watching her catheter for blood. She was unconscious—oblivious to the tanks outside. Her surgery was entirely irrelevant to the revolution, though it was a revolution of her own.”

Less Than Dead

Edited by Samantha M. Derr, 2016, Less Than Press, LLC

The Eighth Tree: A forbidden love story between two infantrymen in the trenches of WWI, banished to no-mans-land. Trapped on the battlefield, they prepare to die, only to seize their chance at escape when a mysterious nerve gas raises the dead.


“We were caught—caught between a firing range and a pit of nerve gas, yet to my utter dismay I was smiling. Maybe I’d lost my mind with my shattered sensibility, or maybe I’d found my heart beating desperately so as not to be forgot. In either case, I was glad for a second of touch. For three days I’d felt myself slipping away like a pre-emptive ghost, and now in Daniel’s arms I was alive.”

Myth & Magic: Queer Fairy Tales

Edited by Radclyffe & Stacia Seaman, Bold Strokes Press, 2015

The Red Shoes: A cross-dressing re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s lesser-known fable: The Red Shoes. Set in the dusty dry lands of the depression era, a young man finds himself wrangled into the match-making event of the year. Yet when he’s sent to purchase a pair of new shoes, he finds himself enchanted by femme footwear.  Voodoo and dancing abound. 

“In my mirror, I saw myself as my suitors would, and I curtseyed in response to an unvoiced invitation. Alone in my room I waltzed with no one, dancing to a silent song. Wobbling a little to gain my footing, I stepped back and forth, and turned in a circle, tapping heel to toe with a little flourish I felt rather proud of—attempting to mimic the swing-dance girls I’d seen in New Orleans.”

Restraint & Revolution: The Art of Adare

Edited by Alex Stitt, 2015, Create-Space

Untying the lives behind the labels, Adare collects the inspiring and often fantastical bios of their infamous models. A wild, compelling, and captivating read, Adare explores what it means to be a complex cultural, sexual, political,and expressive innovator in the world today. Using corsetry as a symbol of Restraint & Revolution, Adare’s provocative and intimate portraits splash from page to page with vibrant color. Edited and co-authored by Alex Stitt, Restraint & Revolution features direct passages from such LGBTQ and sex positive icons as Carol Queen, Kimberly Dark, and Jiz Lee.


Wilde Magazine

Published 2014

Gillies’ Boy: A tale of haunting nostalgia told by a trans-man raised in Nazi Berlin. Dictated between cigarettes, Harold recalls his youth as a young girl surviving the propaganda, the gestapo, and the last stand of the Hitlerjugend—when the Allies fought brainwashed boys on Berlin’s final barricade. 

Wilde Magazine

“He said nothing,” Harold continued, “but he let me explore…und touch. It seems like such a simple thing, such an insignificant little difference, und yet meine world was based on it. I knew then, in great fear, what I wanted though I had no name für it. I wanted to be Bittan’s masculine little Kamerad, but these things würde not be, und it was not long before the war drove us apart.”

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